A couple practice their first dance outdoors.

Timeless, Cinematic Wedding Videography for Creative Souls.


Life is about moments. Amongst the chaos and calm of celebrations I’ll find and capture these micro moments in chameleon like fashion. I’m a professional observer. I watch and capture, then repeat the process again and again.

Chanelle + Pierre | Verbier

A story of love and friendship in the heat of the Swiss mountains.

Jo + Gabe | Brooklyn

A twenties inspired wedding at the Weylin, Brooklyn.

I’ve always described myself as a wedding videographer for people who really want a film made of their wedding day, but don’t really like the idea of having a wedding videographer present. The reason is simple – I get it completely. For many people, cameras are intimidating and the idea of a guy recording your every move is a little icky.

15 years ago I set out to break the mould of what’s typically associated with a wedding videographer. I wanted to create wedding videos that were cinematic but with an approach that stayed minimal and discreet.
Over 500 weddings later and having taught this same method to thousands of other wedding videographers across the world, I like think that this is my superpower.

My technique has always been about mastering the elements of cinema that are timeless. I use composition and natural light to enhance my wedding videography rather than huge amounts of kit. I always wanted to create wedding videography that was honest, groundbreaking, timeless and emotionally charged. Sure, it’s a wedding but why can’t wedding videography be properly artistic? Properly cinematic in the right ways.
We rarely sit down and appreciate the art form of film anymore. We don’t listen to the story, appreciate the structure or fall deep into the soundtrack. We just scroll.

I want to create films that will make you cry. It’s that simple. I’m want to create a tidal wave of emotion that always takes you back to that day. I want you to notice new priceless moments every time you view your films, whether it’s tomorrow, next week or in 30 years time.

Ezra + Raquel | Seville

A powerful story of faith, love and sacrifice set in the heartlands of Andalusia.

John + Matthew | Santa Barbara

A Same Day Edit captured on the Californian cliff tops of Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm.

Ghazal | France

A two day celebration set against the ruins of a 17th century castle in Provence.


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