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I’ve always described myself as a wedding videographer for people who really want a film of their wedding day, but don’t really like the idea of having a wedding videographer present.

The reason is simple – I get it completely. For many people, cameras are intimidating and the idea of a guy recording your every move is a little icky.

15 years ago I set out to break the mold of what’s typically associated with a wedding videographer. I wanted to create wedding videos that were cinematic but with an approach that stayed minimal and discreet.

Over 500 weddings later and having taught this same method to over 1000 other wedding videographers across the world through my online courses and workshops, I like to think that this is my superpower. It’s something I’m so very proud of.

My technique has always been about mastering the elements of cinema that are timeless. I use composition and natural light to enhance my wedding videography rather than huge amounts of kit. 

You’ll find me with a small Leica Camera in my hand but that’s pretty much it.

In that sense I’m discreet. Very discreet. Letting the wedding day unfold naturally, your guests aren’t usually aware that you even hired a wedding videographer. 

Life is about moments. I find and capture micro moments amongst the chaos and calm of people’s celebrations. I’m a professional observer. I watch and capture, then repeat the process again and again.

I offer minimal guidance rather than full on direction. There’s no silly posing or acting out scenes. Just you guys being you guys on a day that has enough natural moments for me to capture creatively.

I mention on my Wedding Photography page that my work with a camera is probably only 10% of what I bring to a wedding day. I feel like my influence on the day and the connection I have with my couples often goes way beyond the wedding video.

I prefer to shoot from the inside rather than as an outsider peering in. For me it simply gives your film authenticity and helps to enhance your entire wedding experience. I’ll eat, drink, laugh, cry and dance with your friends and family the same as every other guest. 

Over the years I’ve been the advice giver, the calming influence, the wiper of tears, the writer of last minute speeches, the bad guy (when needed), the hand holder, the messenger, the transporter. I’ve even stepped in as DJ once or twice.

I only take on board a select few weddings every year for this very reason.

Is there such thing as a ‘grown up’ wedding video? I seemed to have adopted the phrase now every time I speak to newly engaged couples about their ideas for video coverage.

I think my newly invented phrase comes from watching so many ‘mainstream’ wedding videos over the years, that I’m just numb to the work that 99% of the industry is offering. Fast paced, loud, bright, music video style films have slowly become the norm. All created with the same camera system, all now charging a premium rate for a basic product. 

There’s a dopamine hit but there’s no soul or quality. Social media has a lot to answer for, trust me.

It would be simpler to adopt this approach but I’ve always been committed to creating something beyond the norm.

I always wanted to create wedding videography that was honest, groundbreaking, timeless and emotionally charged. Sure, it’s a wedding but why can’t wedding videography be properly artistic? Properly cinematic in the right ways. 

We rarely sit down and appreciate the art form of film anymore. We don’t listen to the story, appreciate the structure or fall deep into the soundtrack. We just scroll.

I want to create films that will make you cry. It’s that simple. I want to create a tidal wave of emotion that whenever you watch it back, whether it be in one year or 30 years time, takes you back to exactly how you felt on that day.

I want you to notice new priceless moments every time you view your films. Subtle glances, smiles, conversations.

15 years on from when I first started, my couples now feel like they’re all meant to be. They’re creative, artistic, professional souls who get what I do and appreciate the wider picture.

I don’t just make 5 minute films like the ones you’ve been watching here. I give you a collection of films that tell your story properly. All crafted with the same level of quality, care and attention. I give value that goes way beyond the wedding videography.

I’m hoping by now that there’s some kind of connection between what I create and what you’re looking for. 

If that’s the case then please do reach out to me and we can start this adventure moving.

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