One to One Development Sessions

One to one training with Philip White

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Improve your business by working one to one with Philip.

Session Length: One Full Day (8 Hours+) or 2 x Zoom Sessions.

Choose From: Photo / Video / SEO / Business Development / Combination

Location: Our Lancaster Studio or Online.

Key Focus Areas:
– Shooting / Editing Improvement
– Portfolio Review 
– Increase Enquiries
– Pricing Strategy
– Pre / Post Wedding Business Processes
– Social Media Management and Growth Strategy
– Branding
– SEO / Web Development

Price: £1,000

How it Works

Each One to One Development Session lasts for a full day and provides the perfect opportunity for me to help you improve your business.

The Sessions can either take place face to face at my studio or we can split the session into two online calls.

To begin, simply let me know by email (or by completing this form) what you’d like to achieve and which area(s) of your business you’d like the training to focus on. There’s nothing official at this stage. I just like to take an initial look through your portfolio and online presence and see if I can genuinely help. If I’m positive I can make a difference to your business then we can move forward and get you booked in.

Once we have a date locked in, that’s when we can really go to work. 

Using my initial inspection as a framework we can work through each focus area in turn and seek to identify ways to improve.

Typically we would:

Take a frame by frame walk through your submitted films or look through a gallery image by image. We’d identify the key areas for improvement and set out an achievable roadmap for how you can implement each point.

Look into your current business processes and your potential client / customer journey, again identifying positives and negatives and seeking methods for improvement. We’ll then look at alternative approaches and methods that may better suit your business set up.

Use screen share to walk you through my own methods, sharing behind the scenes access and documents from my own processes.

*All of our development calls are recorded and will be sent to you as a download link for future reference.

*All development sessions include access to my existing catalogue of online courses.

Home > Education for Wedding Industry Creatives > One to One Training