I live by the sea, enveloped by hills, mountains, lakes and rivers and the abundance of nature that accompanies such surroundings. Beauty surrounds, health abounds. By my side, always, is my incredible wife of 25 years, Kat. Her beauty and strength has been a constant in my life since we started our own journey as school kids. Married as teenagers and without a care in the world, the adventure that followed has been wild. We’re parents to the two most incredible young women. Jennifer, our impassioned academic with degrees from both Cambridge and Oxford and Alice, the most beautiful, artistic soul and hardest worker I know. Raising two beautiful girls as mere children ourselves into strong, accomplished women will always be my greatest achievement in life.




I suppose I’m an industry old-schooler now. Over 16 years of weddings and I’m still going strong(ish). Weddings rich with moments that linger long in the memory. I’m fuelled by these experiences. New countries, new cultures. New conversations with strangers that let me witness the very best of life through every imaginable variation of culture and society. Connecting with real people – everyone, anywhere. Kings, caterers, friends, family….. Building relationships that ultimately enhance the final product you’ll receive. It’s not all about being good with a camera. It’s being good with people. It’s why (I hope) authenticity shines through in my work.

I’ve achieved things in my career that I never expected and never thought possible. I’ve certainly ticked every box if that’s even a thing? I’ve won awards across the world for my work and have travelled the globe, often taking my friends and family along for the ride. I’ve had brand endorsements from some of the world’s biggest camera companies and have spoken at events across the world. I’ve experienced things that have made me pinch myself. I’ve shared food with Hollywood’s movie stars, I’ve experienced private performances from some of the world’s biggest music acts. I’ve danced with Spice girls and hung out with royalty. It’s been wild.

I’m simply a storyteller and my legacy will always be the hundreds of thousands of preserved memories I’ve captured, scattered through homes across the world.

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